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Some of the best games in SecondLife®:

I've been very proud to have working relationships with some of the finest game developers in SecondLife. Here are links to their creations:

These are a few of my favorite things (la-deee-dahhhh)...

ColorPicker.com - Zappowappy's Favorite Online Color Picker ToolGotta love this one.

Siber Systems' RoboForm is a superior password manager that completely automates password-protected logins and form filling.  I use RoboForm extensively.

You'd be surprised how many online services you can subscribe to over the years, only to forget your login for many of them after the first several months. Sure, you can go through the whole process of clicking the ubiquitous "Duh, I forgot my password" link, and following whatever password-resubmittal process is required.  But it's a real drag, and it often results in a loss of interest in the service you subscribed to in the first place.  And it really is NOT a good practice to have the same password for all your logins!

With RoboForm, you need to remember only one "master password".  Once you've opened up RoboForm (with your master password), it then handles the storing of -- and even creation of, if you desire -- unique passwords for all your login locations such as Ebay, Paypal, online banking and investment accounts.  Then, when you venture back to those sites later, RoboForm will know where you are (by virtue of the URL in your browser) and let you log in with a single button click.  That's way convenient!

RoboForm is continuously updated with new features, and all updates are accessible for free through their nifty "live update" process.  The competition in the 'password management' arena is very aggressive (there are many other software products that compete with RoboForm).  And I believe that Siber Systems' RoboForm stays clearly ahead of the pack.

Best of all, you can download and use Roboform for free.  In it's unpaid free state, RoboForm has certain limitations, most significant of them is that you are limited to a maximum of 10 passwords (they call them "Passcards"). Buying a license for $30 will increase that to infinity.

Many years ago, I tossed aside the bland Windows Notepad program for a better utility that has changed my life (ok, a bit of an overstatement... but hey, I'm quite the geek).  And if you give it a try, it might just change your life as well.

EditPad Pro is a powerful and versatile text editor or word processor, designed to make text editing as convenient as possible. Write and edit all your plain text files as source code, scripts, web sites, logs, letters, memos, reports, articles, etc.  You can even configure EditPad Pro with an outgoing mail (SMTP) server account and send your literary works of art to anyone by way of an email.

Edit text documents more comfortably with EditPad Pro's tabbed layout, live spell checking, column editing, extensive clipboard and block editing abilities, project files, word count and other statistics, text wrapping and unwrapping, opening all files from certain folders, alphabetic sort, bookmarks, character map, etc. Supports all languages, including Far East languages.

Write source code more easily with EditPad Pro's extensive syntax coloring. Search and replace with regular expressions. Convert between DOS/Windows/UNIX and ANSI/Unicode. Run external tools or scripts. Compare files. Edit binary files in hex mode, etc.

EditPad Pro is extremely configurable, with many options specific per file type.

Can't spend money now? Download your free 30-day trial of EditPad Pro or download EditPad Lite, a basic text editor that is free for non-commercial use.

Want to track your web site in the most intriguing way?

Save 10% on the leading web analytics, visitor tracking, and live help program!
Check out VisitorVille.  Not only is it a web tracking tool (and believe me when I say that NO other system is as innovative as this one), included with their system is an online "Live Help" feature.  That feature alone can cost upwards to $50 per month with other vendors.  Collectively, VisitorVille offers it all for about $15 per month. Take advantage of a 10% discount by clicking my link to get there. Give it a try!

SecondLife® stuff

Zappowappy Store in SecondLife
TipTracer™-enabled MHS Donation Jar and Techno Tip Cube: For the Professional SecondLife Club Owner. My latest creation is zBEk™... a very fun Battleship-like game!

zBEk - Seek out and Destroy!

I am also an authorized distributor of the RavKom game line. Here you can purchase brand new varieties from our ever-dwindling-list-of-Ravkom-games-approved-by-LindenLab, currently down to 7Go and Gem Sorter!

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