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ZappoWappy Ball is the avatar whose strings I control in the virtual world of SecondLife®. In reality, I'm a software developer and love being creative. I don't like being a tribble in someone else's organization. (Mental note to self: Isn't being a part of SecondLife® indicative of tribbledom? Uh oh! Call me a hyprocrite) (I like parenthetical statements) (so how are you? We never talk any more)

Zappowappy was a silly word I concocted in the late '80s after watching a Marx Brothers movie with Zeppo Marx in the credits. I've used it for my call name in a variety of dial-up BBS's (I've just dated myself with that remark) long before the Internet or World Wide Web was ever in anyone's vocabulary.

I've oil painted since the 2nd grade (My teacher Miss Goldblatt "discovered" me), although not as much in the past decade or two due to these new fangled things called "computers" and the "Internet". Shame on me, as I'm often told! But I find other ways to stay very much occupied -- software development by day (and night), and graphical artsy stuff (including web development) whenever I get the urge. I squeeze sleep time in only when absolutely necessary.

If you're a fellow SL-er, stop by my gadgets and club equipment store.

Mystic Hill Swing
After a four year run, Mystic Hill Swing closed shop on January 14, 2011

Check out my TipTracer™-enabled MHS Donation Jar and Techno Tip Cube: two neat tipping devices for the professional SL Club Owner or performer. Owners love 'em!.

The latest addition to my product line is zBEk... seek out & DESTROY!

zBEk - Seek out and Destroy!

ZappoWappy Ball's products for sale on the SecondLife marketplace.

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